How can Jesus be God if it says he sits at the right hand of the Father?

I love this question.  I have to say it is a question that puzzles me too. People have also asked how Jesus can be God if he was on Earth in a human body and the Father was in Heaven.

Jesus did say to Philip “If you have seen me you have seen the Father” and “The Father and I are one”. How can this be? I don’t know. Everything is not in the bible. God doesn’t tell us everything, and some of what He tells us, He doesn’t explain. There are two things about this I really love: First, the mystery of it all shows the bible wasn’t invented by humans. If humans were making up this God they would never have come up with a Trinity. That just doesn’t fit our human minds. Second, it shows a God who is vastly bigger than me, and that is comforting. I don’t need a God who is no more intelligent than I am.

I remember when I was a kid, each new school year I’d look at the back of the Math book to see how hard the year was going to be. About 5th grade it started looking pretty hard. My grandmother told me not to worry. She said by the time I’d worked through the whole book, the last chapter would be easy. Sure enough, it was. When we are in eternity with Jesus, I’m convinced we’ll no longer be earth bound, and we’ll be able to understand many things we couldn’t understand here. I think we’ll be so awestruck by the wonderfulness of God and his vastness, we’ll be glad we have an eternity to discover and appreciate it all. So, Victor, I’m ok with this question I can’t answer. I love that God is mystery.

God bless you Victor, as you walk this beautiful adventure of life with Jesus by your side.


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