Knowing God’s Will

The good news is God wants us to know His will for us. We definitely know in our conscience if we are not in his will. If our desire is to please Him, and we are being honest, God will make his will known.

The Bible, God’s love letter to us, is the primary instrument that God uses to “speak” to us. For example, you might read a verse in the Bible that seems like it was written just for you and your particular situation that day, or a pastor’s message from the Bible may suddenly grip you in a special way. But the Holy Spirit will “speak” to you at other times and in other situations as well. He will let you know when you have done something wrong, or bring to mind someone to pray for, or give you peace (or lack of peace) about a certain decision, etc. I have found in my own life not to move forward till I have peace about a situation. In times that I felt pressured to make an immediate decision and I was not at peace, it turned out to be the wrong thing. The good news is God always makes a way for U-turns too.

When you pray, ask God to give you a sensitivity to His Holy Spirit, so that you will be alert to the many ways that He “speaks” to you throughout each day. However, remember that what you “hear” from the Lord must always agree with what the Bible clearly teaches–or else it is not a word from God. My biggest battles with myself are the times when I know what God wants, but it is not what I want.  “Oh Father, I know I would want what you want if I could see what you see.  Help me want what you want more than what I want.  Amen.”



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