If God Loves Me, Why am I failing right now?


It is very confusing when we are desiring to do God’s will, doing our best to accomplish His will, and we face so much opposition. If you ever read the biographies of some of the strong Christians who have gone before us, you will notice many, if not most of them have faced some very dark days.

Occasionally, God will change our plans in the middle. We are going along doing our best, and all of a sudden the world caves in. We often change what we are doing because we have to. There is no other recourse. If we are still desiring a relationship with God and desiring God’s will, he will bless the new course we take. We may never know why things happened the way they did, but it gets better and we see God’s blessings again in the new situation. Other times it looks like we are failing, but the fault is really that Satan wants us to fail. He creates all kinds of opposition, and God allows that. What usually comes about then is we draw much closer to God and our relationship with God becomes deeper and more profound. Just turn to Him and pray more than ever. If God wants you to make a change, ask Him to show you the new course to take so you’ll know. If God wants you to stand, ask Him to give you everything you need to stand firm, and to give you some signs of encouragement..

Lets pray: “Heavenly Father, my friend is concerned right now because things have become so difficult he doesn’t know what to do. Show him Lord whether you want him to hang on or to change course. Give him signs, and mostly give him the encouragement he needs that you are with him, Jesus is beside him and the Spirit is within. Let him know you won’t ever let one of your own stay down. Let him grow deeper in relationship with you. We ask these things in Jesus name, the most powerful name in all the universe. Amen.”

Good Friday looked like a failure for Jesus, but Sunday He rose from the dead.


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