Should I Believe the Bible?

People have asked me this question in various ways recently, wondering if it was just “made up” by some humans.  I used to wonder the same thing, because there was so much in the bible I didn’t understand. How could I believe things I didn’t understand? As the years went by and I kept on reading the bible, I came up with another way of looking at it.

I do understand, at least pretty well, the gospels and epistles. The gospels are eyewitness accounts and are pretty straightforward. The people who wrote them had nothing to gain by lying. These were people who had no power or prestige–in fact, their faith often exposed them to ridicule at least and death at most. They wrote what they knew, because they were in awe over what they had seen and experienced.

The epistles were mostly understandable. They were also written by the earliest believers who had first generation experience. Not everything is understandable, but I think its believable. After all, is the trinity understandable? No. Is it believable? Well, Jesus talked about it. Do I believe Him?

I kept on having problems with the Old Testament, mostly thinking it was outdated by the New Testament. But after reading the New Testament over and over, I noticed Jesus kept referring to it. Why would he keep talking about it if it were unimportant or untrue? Then I found a bible where the words of Jesus were not only in red, but in the margin contained all the references to the Old Testament Jesus was making. I got a list of the Old Testament books and patiently checked off the ones in the margin. Jesus quoted from every one of them except, I think, the Song of Solomon. If Jesus accepted the Jewish Scripture collection (He had the same one we do) then how could I say it wasn’t true–even if I found a lot in it I didn’t understand.

So, I came to a conclusion. When I read scripture, if I act on what I do understand, I can trust that someday I will understand the rest. I don’t understand higher math either, but I accept that it is true because so many highly intelligent people are using it.



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