Who is Christ?

“Christ” is Jesus title. Christ comes from the Greek word “Christos”, which means “anointed one”. It is the equivalent of the Hebrew “Messiah”. The name Jesus was His name given to him by Mary and Joseph at the direction of the angel Gabriel who announced his coming birth. The angel said Jesus would be the son of God. Jesus came to earth to be King and Deliverer.
Jesus is fully man and fully God–a mystery we cannot fully understand with our limited human minds. But this mystery of God is the greatest gift of all.

When you repented of going your own way and asked Jesus to come into your life as your Savior from sin, you also received many magnificent gifts. You received forgiveness of your sins, and you also received the King of kings as your constant companion, living in your life, working out his purposes for you. You need no longer feel that problems beyond your power to solve are hopeless because Jesus, who is all powerful, is there to work on your behalf.

You will want to learn more about Jesus. The best place to start is to read the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the bible. You will learn more about who Jesus is, what He has done, and his promises for you.



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