A Little Help for Depression

People who are depressed become inwardly focused.  The tapes that play over and over in their heads absorb all their attention, and leave them too emotionally exhausted  for anything social or creative.  The tide must be turned before the negative thinking can be changed, because as it is, there is no energy to change it.  But one tiny step in the right direction can be the nudge that begins to turn the great ship of the mind around.

The tiny step–one day at a time–is this:  Do one kind thing each day.  In the beginning, it may be very tiny.  Smile at someone.  Hold a door open.  Speak a kind word.  Each thing positive.  After awhile, the desire to change and grow promotes something a little more complicated, a little more personal.  The kind thing may be doing a chore for someone who can’t, sending a card or text, choosing a special gift that would be particularly meaningful.

A break is made in the negativity–even if only for a moment.  Positive actions create positive emotion that reinforces positive thought.  One day at a time.  One kind thought,  one positive emotion, one good deed.


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