We all have it–guilt I mean.  What to do about it?

There’s reasonable guilt and false guilt.   Reasonable guilt means we did something wrong and we know exactly what it is.  We can also have guilt for a bad attitude.  Again, we know what it is, and we know what we should do about it–like forgive someone, have compassion on someone, quite being hateful, etc.

False guilt is when we aren’t sure why we feel guilty–we just do.  It might be a relationship that failed or an endeavor that ended badly.  We can’t let go.  We keep thinking we maybe could have done better, we might have missed something.  False guilt usually involves something we really had no control over, not something we did or didn’t do and we know what that is.  False guilt involves giving ourselves more power than we actually had, and then blaming ourselves because things didn’t turn out the way we thought they should.  A sad example is survivors guilt.  Surviving after someone else committed suicide, surviving after someone else in the same accident or incident did not survive, and so on.  It is ultimately blaming ourselves for not being in control, where it was never possible.

What to do about guilt?  Really, the what to do part is the same regardless of the type of guilt.  Go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to show you who you must apologize to and to whom you must make amends.  Do that.  Then let go and give it to the Lord.  He will redeem the situation eventually.  We can’t see or know how He will do that, but we trust He will.  When Jesus died, He paid the price to redeem all the sin and all the consequences of life in a sinful world.  By redemption, He turns everything–the good, the bad and the ugly into something beautiful, eventually.  We have to let go of our part from this moment on.  We can’t change what is past, we can only live the best we can from this day forward.  With God’s help we will.


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