A Christmas Prayer 2

Lord, as I come before you today, I can’t help but think about what your becoming human means for me.  So many times prayer is pictured as an address to our Father who is on his throne in Heaven.  And that’s perfectly right and good.  Except when we pray that way, we hope our Father is paying attention to our situation, we hope he is listening and not attending to something else, and most of all we hope the God of Heaven understands what our situation is like for us.  By faith we believe He does understand, but how can someone so far above us, and so unlike us possibly feel with us what we feel?

But you didn’t stay in Heaven.  You came, and you became one of us–not like us, but one of us.  You came as a baby, totally helpless and dependent.  You experienced cold and hunger, pain, and as you grew, you experienced every emotion we feel.  You experienced the physical manifestations of emotions as well.  You loved, you wept, you were angry, you laughed.  And you experienced disappointment.  The only things you did not experience were fear and worry, but then, those are things you don’t want us to experience either.  All during your time walking this earth, you said ” Fear not” and “Do not worry”.  However, you did experience the cold, hunger, pain and danger we all experience that give rise to those feelings.  And so you do understand the root of even those things.

Because you became one of us and lived among us, we don’t have to wonder what God is like.  You, who acted with such love and compassion, told us that if we had seen you and known you, we also have seen the Father, for you are one.  This is such a marvelous mystery.  How could God remain God, Jesus be God, and yet they are one. You are greater than our minds can fathom.  You are beyond our thoughts and our ability to comprehend.  To  fully understand You and your mysteries, we would have to be God, and we will never be there.  As a 4 year old, no matter how gifted can’t comprehend the theories of quantum physics, its even a bigger chasm for us to comprehend You..  But its good we can’t, for then You dear God would be no bigger than we are–a very puny god indeed.

Thank you for coming to us.  Thank you for loving us that much.  Thank you for caring so much for us you would give up your glory and your home to come be one of us.  You gave all you had.  No greater gift can be.



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