A Prayer for Christmas 1

Lord, I come before you, in awe of what you did in coming to live among us.  As much as I have loved dogs, I have never wanted to be one—ever!  When I think of what you did in becoming human like us, the chasm was much wider and deeper than it would be for me to become a dog.  Yet, you left your home, your companionship with the Father and the angels of Heaven, and journeyed not only to a foreign place, but into a fallen world, not at all like the paradise you had planned for mankind.  You gave up your power, and even some of your knowledge.  You limited yourself, and even though you had powers far superior to ours, including power over nature, you gave up the glory of your godhood.  And you did this knowing you would eventually die as the price to be paid for our redemption and you did it knowing many, indeed perhaps most humans would reject you.  But for the love of those who would accept it, you gave up so very much.  What more could you have given?  Lord, in this Christmas season, help me realize the enormity of what this all means.  Amen.


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