Someone once told me the fastest growing population of homeless people was women veterans.  I was dubious, because I knew that while veterans have become the “poster children” of the homeless advocacy groups, veterans in general are only half as likely to become homeless as the population in general.  There has been an attempt by some who don’t like the military to portray veterans as unstable people who might even be dangerous.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Anyway, it took quite an internet search.  I learned the number of homeless women veterans hasn’t increased nationally at all, but over a period of years, one populous county in California saw their population of homeless women veterans increase from 100 to 200.  This was out of a population of homeless of over 250,000 in that county.  Neither of these numbers represents who is homeless on any given night, but who is homeless during the whole year.  On any given night, the homeless population averages 78,000.  The population of this county is over 10 million.  However, a journalist can say that if you served 100 homeless women veterans in one year, and 3 years later you served 200 homeless women veterans in that year, you can extrapolate from that the news headline that homeless women veterans are the fastest growing group of homeless.

Sometimes it helps to research a little to gain perspective.

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