We all have some sense of justice, no matter how imperfect.  When we see a person or entity hurt someone we love–or even when its a news story about someone who cheated or injured someone else, our righteous anger comes to the fore, and we want to see the wrong righted.  While we may have varying levels of vengeance, or wanting to see someone pay, we do all have some desire to see the evil  made up for, the victim compensated, or the wrongdoing turned around.  Sadly, in our world it often appears that the strong, the rich, and the connected have their way with the weak, scoffing at laws that would restrain them, and somehow getting away with it.  But they ultimately do not.  God is just.  In fact, God is perfectly just.  While not everyone is punished as we would see fit, God in His justice does call everyone to account for what they have done in their life–every single one of us.  Then, as we wish to see God’s justice done, we have to realize we are wishing for justice to be done for and with us as well.   We need to call ourselves into account before God, confess our own injustices and lawlessness to Him, asking for His mercy, and He promises we shall have it.  But we must accept that mercy granted us may also be granted to those who have hurt us.  And there is the rub.  As Jesus taught in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.”   Our human minds want justice when we are injured, and mercy when we are the perpetrator.  It doesn’t work that way.


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