Being a Christ Follower

When it says Christ is our life, it means we are united with Him in relationship.  It doesn’t just mean we have a ticket to heaven we get to use one day.  It means for us, eternal life begins now!  Jesus wants to walk with us through this life, and He has planned all kinds of exciting things to do together, now and forever.  When you talk to Jesus, imagine he is sitting right next to you–because He is!  And talk to him as you would your very best friend–because He is!  The difference is, He is your best friend AND He has all the power in the world.  He has wonderful plans for you and all His own, AND He loves you more than you can possibly imagine.  He is your God–the object of your adoration, yet He is your constant companion who cares for you.  Meditate on that today, and see if it doesn’t change how you look at everything!

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