Magnificent Obsession

Someone on Facebook asked for our all time favorite book.  I had to think a bit, but I think the one which had the most impact on me as a young person was Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd C. Douglas.  It is the story of a drunk driver who survived his accident–and the victim who did not survive.  Prompted by guilt, the main character strives to learn about the life that was lost, and in so doing, decides to continue what the deceased had started.  He lives the rest of his own life doing good.  Of course, the skeleton of the story in no way does it justice.

What the story does for me is motivates me to carry on the work of the one who gave his life so I could live.  Jesus is my hero, and I live because of Him.  My life is not only due to Him, but my second chance is due to His death.  Because I am supremely grateful for my new, eternal life, I want to live out my life doing what matters most to Him.



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