Election 2016

“One of the most contested, controversial,dirty,ugly, (etc) elections in the history of the United States.”  We hear quotes like this daily.  This is truly one for the history books.  Trouble is:  no one likes either candidate much.  Yet what is truly amazing, is that people are still looking to politics and government for solutions to their own problems.  When will we ever learn?

Politics always gets ugly.  Politics always gets corrupt.  Politics is more about power than about helping people.  Politics always lines the pockets of the winners and their allies.  Politics has rarely solved anything.  People still have the audacity to hope that flawed human beings might force other flawed human beings might make their own lives better.  And they also hope they might win the lottery.

Ultimately what will make a difference is change on a small level across a wide spectrum.  When people all over the United States decide to do something to better themselves.  When families decide to help each other realize the goals of each member.  When neighborhoods pull together to better their common space, then things get better.  Its easier to petition a local city or county council to provide bus service to a neighborhood than to get the federal government to build more public transportation.  Its easier to start cleaning up one’s own neighborhood as a group of neighbors than it is to get a federal urban renewal project to do it.  Local programs are smaller, but more immediate, and often more wisely accomplished than that done on a big scale by outsiders who sometimes create new problems because they don’t know the local situation.

When change comes–a sea change, it will be the result of lots of individuals in lots of families in lots of neighborhoods pooling their talents, wisdom, know how, and goodwill to do good right where they are.  What will be the motivation?  In our past history it was love of God and love of neighbor–till we went back to the default “me ” setting and added politics to the mix.


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