Two Ways to have Order

Seeing the events of the summer of 2016, we see a country on the verge of breakdown.  People have stopped listening to each other.  They have stopped being concerned for the common good.  They have started thinking only of the good of their group, passing around blame and fomenting hatred.  The country has forgotten its common humanity, what it shares, and empathy for others or other points of view seem to be gone.

There are two ways to have order.  In the first, people will be spiritually strong, and good.  They will essentially govern themselves, by working together, helping each other, and above all else, they will be civil.  When that breaks down, there is only one other way to have order–that is at the point of a gun.  At that point governments use force, civil liberties are suspended, curfews are raised, and where one can travel and what one can do are severely limited.  Democracy only works when people use their freedom wisely and peacefully.  Anarchy leads to the loss of freedom.



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