What am I to God?

Many of the epistles in the New Testament state they are written by a “slave /bondservant” of Jesus Christ.   But Jesus said we should think of God as a Father.  How should we resolve this?

A child isn’t a “friend” of the parent–at least not in childhood.  They aren’t exactly slaves, but they aren’t free either.  They are dependant, and some level, they all know they are.  Kids may threaten to run away, but few very young ones actually try that.  They have no idea how they will survive if they do.

A child is loved.  A child is claimed if it knows its father.  A child is part of a family.  But a child has to abide by the Father’s rules.  The child has chores, and responsibilities.  The child isn’t supposed to do rude or unlawful things that embarrass the family.

As children grow, they are given more freedom, and more choices regarding things that affect them.  They still aren’t completely free.  They have the freedom to decide their attitude.  They can be happily compliant, or sullen and rebellious.

Why would the writer of an epistle refer to himself as a slave or servant?  Probably because they know that apart from God the Father who willed their birth, they were bought for a price by Jesus. For the price He paid, they have life forever with Him, and a place in the Father’s house.  They are Jesus’ slave.  In human history not all slaves were kidnapped  or captured in war.  Some were sold into slavery to pay a debt or learn a trade.  In the case of a Christian, they know they owe their purchaser, Jesus. They can run away, but in the same sense as a child, they know they are dependent on Him, and owe their eternal future to Him.


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