The Dogs Let Themselves Out

I saw a little dog this morning, barreling down the street, ears blown back, tongue off to the side, looking for all the world like a canine depiction of pure joy.  I remembered another dog having a similar experience.  Except, his owners didn’t know he got out.  When they got home from work they couldn’t find him.  Obviously he had gone too far to find his way home.  When he was finally found in the woods, three days later, he was covered with ant bites, his feet were full of burrs and thorns, he was dehydrated and ravenous.  In addition, he had been attacked by another animal and had open wounds.  He finally recovered, but never made another move to escape out the door.

I thought of how exciting it is for young people who have been raised in a sheltered environment to explore the big world.  They are sure Mom and Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, their school,  church, etc have no idea how amazing everything is out there.  Did they not know all the wonderful things there are to enjoy and learn about?  If such people ever question what the young person is doing, said young one can’t believe how ignorant their former caregivers could be.   Then, as the old pastor said:  Sin always seems breathtakingly wonderful at first, but then it always takes you farther than you planned to go, involves you in webs you never imagined and holds you much longer than you ever intended.  In fact, you may well end up feeling a prisoner in your new circumstances.  Or worse yet, you find that pot at the end of the rainbow, shiny though it looked at first, is completely empty.  Which goes to show why some people who are finally rescued from their predicament live fairly pedestrian lives.


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