Playing Billiards in Space

Ever wonder why there should be a giant planet (Jupiter) in our solar system?  Well, no one knows “why” yet, but we do know a little about the result.  Jupiter has 122 times the surface area of Earth, and 318 times the gravity.  When comets, asteroids and the like come into our solar system, its 1000 % more likely Jupiter will suck them towards itself than that they will hit Earth.  Jupiter is mostly gas, and these pieces of space debris just disappear into Jupiter’s gaseous middle.  Or in the opposite case, depending on angles and other reasons of astrophysics,  they bounce off Jupiter like a billiard ball and head on out of our solar system entirely.  Without Jupiter we on Earth might not have existed as long as we have.  What a happy accident, or perhaps another of God’s amazing plans for us.  I think it was the latter.


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