Persistent Prayer

What if we prayed for this once before, but nothing has happened yet.  God doesn’t mind if we ask again. When Jesus told the parable of the man who persisted in knocking at his neighbors door after dark, or the widow who wouldn’t stop asking the judge to give her justice, I think he is inviting us to keep on asking Him.  Doesn’t that seem like nagging?  Well perhaps its  more of a matter of attitude.  Instead of the attitude “Lord, I’ve prayed so hard and you haven’t done anything yet.”,  we could have the attitude:  “Lord, its been awhile since I prayed about this situation.  I know you will answer with your perfect timing and in your perfect way, but what am I to do in the meantime?  Is there something you want me to learn or to do while I wait on your direction?”  Sometimes “walking with God” through the situation, prayerfully and trustingly, allows God to accomplish work in us that would be cut off by his rapid answer.  God, after all, cares more about us as whole persons, than he cares about filling our request.


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