Hearing God

I think a lot of people believe when God speaks to them, they should hear a voice–if not an audible voice, then a voice in their spirit or in their mind. But why should we decide how God should speak? Isn’t that God’s decision? We modern Christians are blessed in that we have something early Christians did not have–the New Testament of the bible. We can read for ourselves the very words of Jesus, and what He thought about things. I know when I read the words of Jesus they always speak to me about something–often containing the answer to something I’ve been struggling with. The epistles are the words of the first generation of followers. They don’t usually contain quotes from Jesus, but they have the thoughts of those who walked with Him or with his apostles. Those teachings contain wisdom we can often apply to our situations. Sometimes God speaks to us through other, more mature Christians. Their wisdom has been won through many years of prayer, bible study and obedience. God may also speak through circumstances, such as opening opportunities in our lives or sometimes closing a door to something. Over many years of following Jesus, He has spoken to me in all these ways at one time or another. Part of the answer, I think, is being willing to obey whatever Jesus is showing us, no matter how hard or how scary it seems to be. If we aren’t willing to obey Him in a particular area, then why should He keep trying to communicate His will to a stubborn person. That is hard, but at times in my life I prayed so hard for a particular outcome, He had to break me before He could begin to work on the issue. Sometimes until we can pray “Lord I want what you want, more than what I want.”, we seem to get nowhere.  Its the hardest prayer to ever pray, but many people have reported breakthrough when they have finally reached that point with God.

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