A Prayer on my 70th Birthday

“Lord, when I was young, I never thought I would get to be this old.  Thank you for 70 years of life, for the fun, the enjoyment, the loves, and even the hard times that taught me so much.  I know I haven’t as far to go as I have already been, but help me live these remaining years well.  Help me pass along love, wisdom, encouragement and the lessons I’ve learned.  Help me nurture and mentor the young, and give the wandering and wondering some love and something to hang onto.  Help me share with them the good things you’ve given me and taught me, especially the joy and peace of a life spent in your Presence, listening to you and following where you lead.

I know I haven’t all the strengths of the young, but let me dwell on what I can do, not what I can’t.  As the number of my skills diminish, let me develop those that belong to the elderly.  Let me be a good listener, a loving encourager, a teacher of whatever arts I’ve developed, and a sensitive, appreciative friend of all I come in contact with.

Let me be a sweet senior, not a cross, fault-finding sour old person.  Let me look for the good in every person, every situation and every day.  Let me, as much as possible, forget about my aches and pains and problems.  Let my desire to share my complaints be overcome by the need to share my blessings.

Draw me closer to yourself Lord, that when I see you face to face, I find joy in finally meeting the One I’ve talked with for so many years.  I don’t want to flee from your majesty because I fear the power of the great stranger.

Finally, help me live so that when you watch me, it makes you smile.



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