Who is a Fool?

The definition of a fool is one who acts unwisely or is silly.  However, the biblical definition of a fool is one who refuses to believe despite all the evidence.  God has left plenty of evidence for Himself in His creation.  One can’t look at the intricacy and complexity of life and not think there is a design to it.  Well, that is, some do look and refuse to believe there is any design.  Some insist this is all an accident.  But the statistical chance of all we see being the result of a series of accidents is absolutely impossible.  The possibility of all these random things happening together is about as likely as putting all the parts of a watch into a clothes dryer, running it for a million years and seeing even the beginnings of a watch come together.  Philosophy says design requires a designer, and looking at the human body, it certainly speaks of design.

If one can’t come to belief through studying creation, how can one explain Jesus?  There are a number of accounts of Jesus’ life that tell of miraculous healings, and raising of the dead.  He, Himself, was raised from the dead and seen by hundreds, many of whom testified to what they saw at the risk of their own lives.  Evidence, if looked at carefully, leads one to a verdict.  Refusing to look at the evidence at all would be the biblical definition of foolishness.  “The fool says in his heart ‘there is no God.”  Psalm 14:1.


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