Thoughts Come First

I have heard people ask “How can I be a better person?”  or “How can I stop being so critical?”, or “How can I stop being so negative?”   The key to better actions or better speech is a change of thoughts.  Everything we do is first contemplated in the mind.  Everything we say comes out of thoughts that have been going on first.  Speech is the outpouring of thought.  If I want to speak more positively, or graciously, I have to start thinking that way.  I have to practice thinking more charitably about others, and more positively about situations.  Its the hardest thing to do to discipline the mind.  But it can be done.  I can learn to stop periodically during the day and ask myself what I have been thinking about, and how I have been thinking.  I can purposely think about possible positive solutions to things, a positive light to put on situations, and a charitable way to look at people.  I can take time each day to devise ways to help people, solutions to problems, and ways to encourage people.  Filling my mind with thoughts such as these will soon result in positive actions and positive conversations.


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