Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

We have often heard it said that we are our own worst enemy.  And how many of us limit ourselves through fear, negativity, and the like.  It has been said:  “What would you be doing if you didn’t know how old you are?”  It could also be said:  “What would you be doing if you had a college degree, or what would you be doing if you knew you had a high IQ, or what would you be doing if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

There’s nothing wrong with having a realistic appraisal of our abilities–for instance, I’m not going to be an Olympic sprinter at 70 years old, or lift 200 lbs, or something which is actually impossible to do.  But a lot of things might be written off when we actually could accomplish them.  If we weren’t afraid to fail, if we weren’t afraid of consequences, if we didn’t think less of our abilities than we should, we might do a whole lot more than we ever thought possible.

A thought a lot of people never take into consideration is “What could I accomplish if I knew I could count on God to help me?”  We just never consider that possibility.  If we are hoping to do a good thing–something that makes life better for others or adds some beauty or goodness to the world, wouldn’t that thing please God?  If so, why not ask God’s help and then give it our best?  We might be astounded at where that beginning effort takes us.  It might not only be a successful effort, but we might also learn a whole lot more about the goodness of God.


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