Am I Really a Sinner?

Most people think they are pretty good people, and most people think they are better than the rest of the world.  Most people think they get into heaven by being good, and most people think God grades on the curve.  They don’t give much thought to the idea they may be sinners.  If they could define sinner at all, it would be the really bad people who do violence to others.  Lies and stealing are kind of justified by “they have more than I do” or “there is no such thing as absolute truth”.

Jesus, however, taught something different.  Most people, if they have any ideas about him at all, think of Jesus as the “Love Your Neighbor” and “Do not judge” guy.  However, He said the greatest commandment is “Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, whole mind, whole soul and whole strength.”  Who does that?  No one.  Guess if being a sinner means breaking God’s commandment, we are all sinners.  Some people might try to criticize God for commanding our love, but think of it this way–He is responsible for our very existence.  We owe Him–big time!

What do we do about this debt we can’t pay and this love we owe and don’t give?  There is a law of justice, known for all eternity by the spirit world.  Those who don’t love or even acknowledge their creator don’t deserve to live.  Now how do we feel when someone guilty “walks”.  We feel justice was cheated.  But if God lets us go on for eternity in lovelessness toward Him, something is wrong.  Justice isn’t being served here.  But God provided a way to satisfy justice before all the powers of Heaven and Hell, yet save us.  He became a man Himself and suffered death in our place.  That is the story of Jesus first visit to Earth.  He’s coming again, but that is to set things right with those who continue to rebel after all He has done to save them, and to defeat the evil spiritual world ruled by Satan.


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