The Blahs

For everyone who is having the “blahs” in their walk with God, I’ve been where you’ve been. If you’re just tired of reading the bible, church, and praying, you are being tempted to doubt God and give up. Until your eyes are open and you realize how much God has done for you, how much you owe Him, and how much He loves you, will you realize how awesome He is. You are listening to the voices of temptation–temptation to doubt, temptation to be lazy, temptation to be complacent, temptation to enjoy sin, and so on.  At any rate, when you are ready to hear Him, He’ll reveal Himself to you. Otherwise, why should He? Imagine your doubts were about you by someone you really love. He is bored with you, has no feelings for you, doesn’t want to be forced to care about you, doubts your goodness and your love. Meanwhile, you love him, and have done everything possible to show it.


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