Not Feeling My Faith

Someone once told me they didn’t feel anything.  They believed in God and wanted to please God, but felt no love for God or the things of God.  There were no warm feelings or “religious feelings”.    Here was my answer.

Our culture almost worships feelings. But feelings are difficult to
conjure up. We have to act on our will. I once saw a little illustration
about this. It was a train on a track. The track was labeled “facts”, and
described as facts about who Jesus is, what He did for us, what He said
etc. The engine of the train was labeled “will”. That is our will to honor,
love and follow Jesus. The cars were labeled “fruit cars”, and described as
the fruit that grows in the life of a follower of Jesus. Then the caboose
was labeled “feelings” and described as “nice, but not necessary.”

Did you know that many of the great Christians of history struggled with
depression, emptiness and doubt. Just as Jesus wants us to love Him for
Himself and not the gifts he can provide, He wants us to love Him for who
he is, not because you have warm and loving feelings that feel good.
Mother Teresa is often called the saint of the 20th century, because of
the beautiful and loving things she did. She said many profound and
wonderful things. But she struggled with depression, and times when she
felt empty as though God had left her alone. I believe it was a time of
testing for her. Its easy to follow when it feels good, harder when it
feels empty or sad. So empty, “blah” feelings are no indication of anything
except you will be tested by those times. Those who are faithful in the
hard times are giving a gift all the more valuable because it wasn’t easy
to give.

Ask someone who has been married a long time if they continued to feel the
excitement of being in love over years and years. Of course not, but true
love is faithful during good and bad times, high and low times.


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