Faith versus Emotion

In Jeremiah 17: 9 it says the heart is deceitful. When we speak of feeling something in your heart, we are referring to emotion. We are not to trust our emotions. We rely on faith. Faith is taking God at His Word. We know what Jesus told us. We can look at all kinds of historic sources that tell us the new testament accounts about Jesus are reliable. So we know quite well what He said. Now believing it is an act of the will.  Imagine you watched a man on a bicycle ride a tightrope over Niagara Falls. If he asked you, do you think he could do it again, you’d probably say yes, having seen him do it the first time. But if he asked you to get on the back of the bike, that would require faith. Even if you had seen him do it a hundred times, that wouldn’t comfort you at all as you rode on the back of the bike. Now imagine the rider is Jesus. You might know in your head you’re safe with Him, but you might not feel entirely comfortable till you get to the other side of the falls. Faith gets tested. Faith is the assurance that something we can’t see is true. And faith is the will to believe. If faith were never tested, and if faith were in something certain, it wouldn’t be faith. We put our faith in things all the time. We put our money in the bank. We put our key in the car. We dial our cell phone. We order things on the internet. We trust our credit card accounts not to be hacked. And all those things are a lot more uncertain than the promises of Jesus!  They rely on humans, not all of whom are benevolent!


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