Girls in Science

My mom was a working mom from the time I was about 12.  One summer day I decided I would brighten up our rather old and dingy linoleum floor in the kitchen.  I took a gallon of hot water and added a cup of detergent, a cup of household ammonia, a cup of bleach and a cup of comet.  Then I scrubbed the floor with a brush.  It really worked.  The floor looked whiter and brighter than I could even remember.  Then I noticed I had lost my voice and my chest hurt.  When Mom came home she didn’t even notice the floor because she was too busy choking.  My dad, who had asthma anyway, ate dinner in the living room in front of a fan.  They told me I couldn’t do any more chemistry experiments in the house.  So, I was never a poster child for “Girls in Science.”


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