The Relationship that Lasts

I have a gay couple living down the street from me.  One member of the couple spends lots of time finding out about everybody in the neighborhood, what they are doing, their opinions, who is gay-friendly and who is a closet gay.  People go out of their way to avoid him, not because he is gay, but because he wants to know all about them, what they think, who they know and what they know about what is “going on”.  If your motive is to avoid gossip, to not be the subject of gossip, or just not waste time, you might not want to walk by his house.  Someone has said he (the neighbor) is looking for approval, and looking to belong.  But I think something is more important than approval, belonging, or what kind of relationship one has.

There is only one relationship that lasts eternally.  Long after sex ends, relationships end and life ends, we still have a relationship with God–or lack of one.  An eternity without God is frightfully inconceivable, yet it can happen if we have pushed Him away for a lifetime.  The most important answer to my neighbor is another question.  “Fifty years from now, will you and God be on speaking terms?”


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