Transgender Bathrooms

In some ways Europe has been ahead of the United States for years.  Most Continental European public toilets and nearly all Eastern European public toilets are genderless.  In other words, there are no “ladies rooms” and “men’s rooms”.  All public toilets are equipped with genderless locked stalls, but the difference in Europe is there is always a lady supervising the toilet use.  When you enter the public restroom, you are stopped by a lady who takes your nominal payment (equivalent to perhaps 25 or 35 cents U.S.), and ushers you to a stall, where she proceeds to wipe down the seat, check for paper and then close you in.  You lock the door from your side, but that is only to latch the door, not lock it, for the lady is “policing” the room for your safety.

In addition to the genderless situation, there are many benefits to this arrangement.  First, it is safe, especially for children, for it is always watched.  Second, it is clean.  You no longer have to gag over filthy stalls, unflushed toilets, gobs of dirty or wet toilet tissue all over the floor, overflowing water, lack of paper and the like.  There is also a lack of vandalism, as it is being watched.  A huge advantage is the lack of political fights over men using female bathrooms and all that.  Even showers could be handled in the same way–private locked dressing rooms with a shower stall, usable by men and women alike, because the room is attended.

The only disadvantage is that people will complain the restrooms are no longer free, but seeing the lady must be paid, will most likely agree that the advantages of an attended toilet are worth the small price to pay.  There are also people who will fight losing their political agenda, but common sense usually wins in the end.  We just need to think outside the box, or toilet as the case may be.



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