A Parable

Once there was a little baby found abandoned on the street of a third world country.  The king of a very wealthy country was vacationing there, and learned of this baby.  It was ill, malnourished, full of open sores, and nothing about it was pleasant to see.  But the wealthy king felt compassion for it and took it home with him.  As time went on, the king saw to its upbringing.  He got it the best medical care, the best food, the best of tutors and gave it his personal time and attention.  In fact, it became something of his pride and joy as he personally saw to its care and education.  As the child grew, the king began to spend time with it, playing with it, and looking for ways to bring it pleasure and delight.  As it became more mature, he spent long hours talking with it, teaching it his own thoughts and helping it learn to reason and choose.  Nearing adulthood, the king revealed that he was grooming his child for an inheritance in the kingdom, and revealed the love of his heart for this child.  He had high hopes for it, and often spoke to the child about the child’s own wishes and dreams.  And then one morning the child was gone.  The note said the child wanted to seek his own way.  The king heard from his child occasionally, and usually when the child wanted to ask a favor.  And as time went on, even those contacts became farther apart.  The king was brokenhearted.


Was the child ungrateful?  Did it fail to return the love of its adopted father the king?  Was it lacking in character?  Whatever the reason, it was estranged from its father.  And this, is the condition and situation of every human being in relation to its Father the King of Heaven and Earth.  Will we, individual children that we are, seek a return and a reconciliation with him?


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