What is my life about?

“How would you answer Jesus if He asked you why you are following Him?” We all need to ask ourselves this question. It can be very enlightening. I know it was for me personally. When I first began to follow Jesus, I wanted to know what would be my eternal fate. Would I go to Heaven? I needed security that way. I had just experienced a lot of death of those I loved, and I wanted to know what that was all about. What happened eventually, as I followed Jesus and learned more and more about Him, experienced His guidance and His answers to my prayers, is I began to really, truly love Him. I didn’t want Heaven as much as I wanted Him. Now I can say that while I am still very sinfully selfish and fight that selfishness all the time, I really love and appreciate Jesus. I want my life to be about helping others love and appreciate Him too. I want it because Jesus deserves all my love and the love of everyone. He is really, truly, wonderful. So don’t be discouraged if right now you mostly want to know what your life is all about and what following Jesus means for you personally. If you search the scriptures to get to know Jesus, and begin to spend time with Him in real, honest, emotional prayer, you will come to love and appreciate Him deeply yourself.


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