What is God Like

“Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe lies.”  Romans 1:25

There used to be a billboard along the Freeway that said “Do I have to come down there?” –God.

I always wanted to say:  But He already did that.

If someone reads the accounts of Jesus life, they know they are seeing someone very, very unique, special and powerful.  This is no ordinary human, by any reading of the history.  Looking at the writers and what happened to them, the stories have a credibility that is at least as strong as the news stories we read today.  They are eyewitness accounts, and journalistic accounts by those who interviewed the eyewitnesses.  It would be much more difficult to disprove Jesus claims than to accept the evidence of their truth.

Beyond the accounts of Jesus, there is a preponderance of evidence in the universe to point to a creator.  An example of how one looks at evidence is seen in this irony.  Stone circles occurred throughout Europe during the ice age through the natural forces produced by ice, but no one will agree that Stonehenge falls into that category.  No one is willing to say that Stonehenge occurred through the work of natural forces because there is an element of design to it.  Then no one should be able to say that even the simplest form of life just evolved from natural forces because the argument for design is so much greater.  But people are often willing to believe all we see just came about through natural forces–without any explanation available as to how that could have happened.  Why is that, and why can’t people see the contradiction in their requirements?

An old philosopher once said “In the end people believe what they want to believe.”   People don’t want to believe in a personal God because that might require something of them.  If I owe my existence to natural forces, then I am pretty free to live my life as I please, making up my own rules as I go along.  That has quite a draw, especially for the young who tend to think they will live almost forever.  But if I believe in a personal God who created me, then He might have some ideas of what He wants for His creation (including me).  And so people believe what they want to believe, and no amount of evidence for God or Jesus will ever be enough.


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