Purpose in Life

Everyone searches for meaning.  Viktor Frankl, who survived the Nazi concentration camps, learned from experience that those who believed their lives had meaning, were able to live through terrible deprivations and suffering.  Those who despaired of purpose succumbed more quickly.

In the middle ages Christians began to organize their beliefs into a system that was easily teachable, and all the traditions at that time wrote “catechisms” in order to teach children and new believers the essentials of the faith.  One of the first  questions in every catechism was “What is the chief purpose of man?”  The answer was “To glorify God.”

What does “glorify God” mean?   God’s glory is His goodness, His Love and His beauty.  When humans glorify God, they reflect those things about God.  Therefore, when someone looks at a follower of God, they should not be seeing that person so much as seeing how good God has been to that person, how much God has loved that person, and how beautifully God has worked out His plans in that person’s life.  It will be all about God, and not about the person.  I will not be glorified.  God will be.  And that, I think, was the sin of Lucifer.  He wanted God’s glory for himself.  That is the essence of pride, the self-love and self-gratification that is the opposite of love for God, to whom we owe everything including our very existence.


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