Greatness in Leadership

“Your care for others is the measure of your greatness.”  Luke 9:48

Who was the best boss you ever had, and why?  We all remember the story of Scrooge, and his boss Mr. Fezziwig.  That boss was actually loved, because he thought it was important that his employees had a little happiness now and then, and he attempted to provide it.

Who was the worst boss you ever had and why?  Probably the one who was demanding, yet uncaring.  Or, the one who was using the employees to make him or her look good, because they were only having a rest stop on their career ladder

Greatness can never be achieved by one’s own self promotion.  Greatness comes about through building up others.  True greatness makes the well being of the others in one’s circle of influence a priority.  As a famous management principle says:  “Take care of the people and the people will take care of the organization.”   There’s truth in that.  A group of people achieves greatness when they feel their needs are being addressed, when they feel cohesion as a group, and when they sense the goals they are working for are important.  The leader promotes all these things–the workers’ needs, the sense of family within the group, and the workers’ sense of importance to the overall mission of the organization.  Promoting all these things puts the people first, and the leader stays in the background.  The leader shines when the group succeeds.

The quote above is from Jesus.  Most people think Jesus only talked about heavenly things.  Actually, He was quite a wise observer of worldly things, as well as an astute prescriber of solutions that work.



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