Who’s in Charge?

“I have been given all authority in heaven and earth. ”  Matt 19

Do you ever look at all the chaos in the world and wonder if the downhill avalanche has any brakes?  Is there ever an end to the disorder, a barricade beyond which it won’t go further?  Many people wonder.  Some put their hope in human wisdom.  They believe we humans will figure out what does and doesn’t work and we’ll never go so far as to destroy ourselves.  Others aren’t so sure, and they may be in the majority.  Consider the myriad of apocalyptic books, movies and tv shows that have been produced in the last 10 or so years.

The words above are the words of Jesus.  Many of his followers have never given them any thought because they are the first words of the “Great Commission”, which is:  “Therefore go and make disciples in all nations.”   Concentrating on what we are supposed to do, we fail to see what was said first.  Jesus said all authority, ALL authority now resides in Him.  If that’s true, what does it mean?  What are the ramifications of Jesus holding all the authority in heaven and earth?

He holds the earth in its place–its not about to wobble off its axis and get out of its orbit–at least not right now while the earth continues.  He holds the universe in its place.  The galaxies and stars all move in a rhythm and speed that are orderly and predictable.  He holds the weather–even if we think we control it.  Its laughable however, how many times the weather channel changes its predictions even over a 10 day forecast  We don’t control the weather or the climate, and aren’t even that good at predicting it.  We could cut our carbon emissions to almost nothing, yet several volcanoes, an underground volcano or underground fissure could change the weather dramatically.

What about the affairs of humans?  Jesus controls the histories of the nations, controls who rules them, controls who wins wars, and allows human plans to succeed or fail.  If no one can grab control, commit crimes, lie, cheat or steal except as Jesus allows, why does He allow it?  He does not thwart human will when the outcome fits His plans for ultimate good.  Look at this:  “All things work together for good for those who love God and are fitting into His plans.”  Romans 8:28.

Its a comfort to know Who is in charge.


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