Why Do We Get Sick?

Why do we get sick?  What is the usefulness of it?  Is it punishment, as some of the ancients believed?  Is it meant to teach us something?

After having the worst bout of flu in memory, I pondered these questions.  During the time I was ill, I was useless to anyone.  I depended on others to help me, I had to back out of commitments, and even my prayer life was bland and superficial.  What was the use of it all then?

One thing I think came out of it was the humility of having to depend on someone else to do things one is quite incapable of doing at the time.  We are so prideful in this culture.  We truly hate to ask others to do for us.  It seems demeaning.  But if loving one another involves caring for one another, think of the joy we experience when we help someone who really needs and appreciates our help.  When we need help and are gracious recipients, we allow someone else to have that joy.  But it involves humility on our part.

Being sick also reminds us of our utter dependence on God.  He gives us our health, our abilities, our resources and meets all our needs.  Often we take our health for granted, air for granted, food for granted.  But when we are so sick we can’t eat and have trouble breathing, we become acutely aware of our need for Him.  Perhaps that reminder now and again is needed to keep our selfish minds close to Him.


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