Charity and Who Gets the Credit

“And if, as my representatives you give even a cup of cold water to a little child, you will surely be rewarded”  Matt 10:42

Jesus didn’t specify who deserved our charity, or our kindness.  He said even the smallest kindness would be rewarded.  But He put a big “if” in there too.  We are to give as His representatives.  Why would that be?  Perhaps its because Jesus wanted the good news of His Grace and His great Salvation to be spread.  But perhaps there is another reason as well.  Who gets the credit for our charitable giving?  Do we do it so we shine?  Or do we do our kindness anonymously, but make sure people know that all things come from Jesus.  All we have to give came from Him, and our impulse to give came from Him also.  How do you let people know that?  He will guide us through His Spirit toward the best way to do that in the situation, but our priority needs to be shining the light on Jesus Love, not on ourselves.

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