What if We Really Believe Jesus? part 3

“So don’t worry at all about having enough food and clothing.  Why be like the heathen?  For they take pride in all these things and are deeply concerned about them.  But your heavenly Father already knows perfectly well that you need them and he will give them to you if you give him first place in your life and live as he wants you to.”  Matthew 6:31-33

The heathen took pride in their food and clothing.  Their self esteem depended obviously on their attire and on their ability to entertain.  There was the ancient equivalent of “keeping up with the Joneses.”   Today it would be a concern with being in fashion, and a concern about having the nicest home, nicest car, nicest landscaping, and again, the ability to entertain.  No longer is concern merely for food and clothing.  Look at what occupies modern humans–the cooking channel, home and garden television, and the travel channel.  No one is satisfied to have a healthy diet, a comfortable home, warm, loving relationships and a thankful heart towards God.  We are more obsessed with what we want than what God wants.  Talking with a neighbor about settling into a new home, they said “of course we’ll never be settled–there will always be things we want to improve.”  I wondered “why?”

Instead we are to put God first.  The promise is God will take care of our needs if we put Him first, and live as He wants us to live.  And how does He want us to live?  “Love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and your whole strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.”  If we do the first, we will love to spend time getting to know God better through study of the scriptures and prayer, and we can never thank Him enough or appreciate Him enough.  If we do the second, our life will be about loving concern for our neighbor.  We will help others as God directs, working through prayer and watching for opportunities.  We can’t do it all, and we won’t stress over that, but will obey those urges to help others that God presents to us.  If we live with this attitude of love for God and care for the needs of others, God will do the same for us.  We’re doing what He wants, after all, and He will always enable us to do what He planned.


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