Prayer in Time of Terrorism

Lets pray together: “Lord Jesus, you know we are going through one of the most difficult times many of us have seen. We want to ask your protection over ourselves, our families and your Church everywhere. We know this is a spiritual battle between good and evil, and we need you desperately. Help us Lord, to represent you well, and to never deny you or grieve you ever. Help us to love our enemies, yet help us to be wise so we don’t compromise your church by making foolish or cowardly choices. Help us not to succumb to fear. Help us be compassionate, to be gentle and humble, and help us to see people as the individuals they are and not label anyone because they belong to a group who has hurt or frightened us. We know this may get much worse before you come back, and we ask you to keep us “Wise as serpents yet gentle as doves” as you taught us. Keep us filled with love. Help us love as you love. Help us remember to always seek the guidance of Your Holy Spirit before making decisions. We know you sometimes told the early Christians to stay and sometimes flee, to sometimes share, yet to use discretion. Whatever we hear you saying, let us be obedient to You and love courageously. For me Lord, help me not fear because of past frightening experiences. You were with me, and kept me safe. Yet evil is out there, and we do need you more than ever. Please let every muslim be able to hear your good news and have an opportunity to know who you really are. They are such prisoners of deceit and fear, and Satan loves the prison he has created. We want them to know the freedom they have in you, your promise of salvation and the eternal life you give. Help them Jesus. Help us Jesus. We ask this in your name. Amen.”

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