Trust in God

I don’t think its about how much faith we have. Jesus told his disciples faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains. I think faith is more than believing, its trusting God. If we don’t trust Him to love us and do what is best for us, then from His perspective we are saying “God you don’t really love me as much as you say you do.” I wouldn’t want to hear that from my children. But it sounds as though Jesus is saying” even if your faith is small–trust me, I have this, I love you, you can count on me.” To say “Jesus I trust you to always love me and do what is best for me at all times “, might take a big act of the will to live out. I think Satan is always whispering “He really doesn’t love you that much”, and “what makes you think you’re that important to him” and “you’re not that loveable”. There’s a bit of truth in that–we really aren’t always that loveable–I’m not anyway. But its not about how loveable I am, its about who He is, and He is Love.

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