What We Can Trust

“Though the earth shakes and all its people live in turmoil, yet its pillars are firm, for I have set them in place” Psalm 75

Sometimes it seems the whole world is coming unglued.  Right and Wrong are turned upside down.  Sometimes it seems as if every community is divided and people are all talking past each other.  Families are often as not broken.  Violence is everywhere from abortion to child abuse, slavery and human trafficking, murder and mayhem.  What do we hold on to?  If we believe we are all here as a result of random evolution, that there is no God and no order, then there is nothing to hold on to but thin air.  But if we believe God, a faith which rests on a firm foundation of evidence, we have God to hold on to.  He made this earth and everyone in it.  He won’t let this go any farther than He determines will result in a good outcome.  All works toward an ultimately good end. Those who don’t believe God have to believe that humans will solve this chaos.  Not a belief that promotes sound sleep.


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