My Hearts Desire

“Be delighted with the Lord.  Then He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

I used to wonder how this could possibly be true.  If I found delight in the Lord, enjoying my prayer time and all, does that mean He will give me the house of my dreams, the vacation of my dreams, or something else I’ve always wanted?  Someone told me when you’ve delighted in the Lord, over time He will change your desires.  So I believed that was what the verse meant, but I didn’t really accept it as being true for me.  I couldn’t imagine the Lord cared what kind of house I had, where I traveled, or any of the other things I wanted (or thought I wanted).  Then I got older.  What I learned is priorities change as you age.  I no longer dream of the same house I dreamed of then.  I’ve lost a lot of the desire to travel.  And as the song said “Thank God for unanswered prayer”.  A lot of things I prayed for and never got, I’m now very glad I never got.  I got a better husband than the first young man I prayed for.  I got a better life than the one I had mapped out at 25.  When I try, now, to imagine what that life would have been like, I don’t think it would have been as happy as the life script God provided.

Now, I think this verse means, the closer you get to God, the more He will give you the things that will truly fulfill you–not the things you think you want or need.  He knows our hearts–He made us with our unique personality and its unique fulfillment.  Our real hearts desire may not even be known to us, but it is known to God, and for those who have walked with Him, He provides the fulfillment of those desires He built into us from the beginning.


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