Life is Short

“Lord, help me to realize how brief my time on earth will be.  Help me to know that I am here for but a moment more.”  Psalm 39:4

We don’t like to think about our own demise.  We will keep ourselves busy thinking and planning for what are ultimately trivial matters in the light of eternity.  Part of this may be the fear of the unknown that is death.  But what if we determined to live as though each day is all we can count on?  What if we lived the way people live who have a terminal disease, and treasure each moment, as well as the people in it.  A couple years ago a book was published called “A Month to Live”.  The idea was to think about what were the most important things to do if you have only one more month.  If I had to meet God tomorrow and give an account of my life, what would I want to get accomplished today?  Would it be to forgive someone, or ask forgiveness for myself?  We have control over forgiving others, but ultimately none over whether we are forgiven.  So if getting a relationship mended means a lot to us, we have no more control over that than we had when we thought we still had years to accomplish it.  We can, of course, make overtures, and perhaps we should.  If our last day is to be used making sure all those important to us know we love them, we may be able to do that–if not face to face or by phone, than we could text or leave a letter.  There may be things we have always wanted to tell someone–such as passing on some of our hard learned lessons to grandchildren.  We can write those letters.  But the point is:  if these are the priority things we would do with our last day or days, why don’t we just make them a priority now.  If we keep people close, keep relationships mended, ask forgiveness as soon as we realize the need, and pass along those things we want to give to the next generations, then we will always be ready when the last day truly ends.


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