Fear of Involvement

Sometimes I think I feel God nudging me to start a good thing, and I hesitate, and I continue to hesitate.  The actual thing required of me is quite reasonable, but I hesitate.  Then I wonder why I’m so afraid to get involved, and I realize its because I’m stepping into the unknown.  I don’t know where this thing is going.  I guess its not so much a fear of failure as it is a fear of success.  This first step might lead to another and then to another.  Before I know it, God may have something a lot bigger in mind than I had, and it might take more of me than I’m prepared to give.  I may have to change my whole life around, I might have to make some rather big sacrifices, I might…I might…. I might….   Its like writing a blank check that could take everything I have.  Then I remember Jesus saying:  “If you cling to your life you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will save it.”  Am I willing to surrender everything?  Jesus also said:  “Don’t be anxious about tomorrow.  God will take care of your tomorrow too.  Live one day at a time.”

Will I do it?  Will I actually do what He has nudged me to do today, and live one day at a time?



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