Needing the Big Picture

Someone once asked “Would you be open to letting God use you if you had no idea about what He was doing?

Our culture is a very goal oriented, achievement oriented one.  The majority of us are type A personalities, and some of the things we think we can’t live without are:  Having a goal, having a deadline, having steps to reaching the goal, having a deadline for each step, and so on.  We like to see we’re making progress toward the goal.  We also need:  to know the goal is worthwhile, and worthy of all this time and effort.  We want an assessment of the probable return on our sacrifice. We want to see the big picture before we commit.  This is often as true of relationships as it is to career, educational or other personal goals.

What if God just planted a situation in front of us.  What if a huge need just landed at our feet.  What if a longtime friend was suddenly left homeless and unemployed?  What if our neighbor is an automobile accident and needs some help for awhile.  What if a parent or a sibling suddenly needs help–a whole lot of help.

These situations don’t fit in with our goals at all.  No matter how worthy our goals are, these situations throw a big monkey wrench into our plans.  We may very well help out, but with what kind of joy?  We may do it out of guilt, but have no enthusiasm for it.

What if, these situations are part of God’s big picture–not necessarily for just us, but others as well.  And what if He doesn’t share with us what His plans are?  Can we give wholeheartedly to Him, and let Him use us, even if we don’t even see the good in what we’re doing, or if we never get to see the results.

Maybe if God let us see how He is using us, we would begin to try to organize it–set goals and deadlines, establish steps to accomplish it and all we are so familiar at doing.  Maybe we would get in our own way.  And maybe the biggest plans and the biggest pictures aren’t all about us.


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