“I owe no one anything.  Everything under heaven is mine.”  Job 41:11

Wouldn’t we love to say we owe no one?  Wouldn’t we love to claim wealth as our own?  Who made the statement above?  God did.  Only God owes no one–for He was the beginning, and everything comes from Him.  If we think about it, we owe HIm everything–even and especially our very existence.  God owes us nothing–not even to be what we call “fair”.  And as far as wealth–its all God’s, for it all came from HIm.  If we produced something which brought us wealth, we have to remember the raw materials, the circumstances, and even our own talents, abilities and life made it possible.  These all came from God.  If we think of all wealth being God’s, what is our part but to be caretakers of the wealth He has allowed us to use.  If we produce good from it, it pleases Him.  Hoarding or using it selfishly does not please Him.  Wealth can’t buy anyone happiness, but using wealth for good brings it.  If wealth brought happiness, why are so many rich people so miserable?

Some people say its the government’s job to redistribute the wealth, and somehow God likes that.  God never mentioned government in that context in all the bible.  If caring for the sick, disabled, the young and the old were totally the government’s job, then we’re off the hook and we can use whatever we have for ourselves.  This voids the true happiness people achieve when they do personal good for others.  It also voids the character building that generosity creates.  It also creates a role for government taking God’s place.  “The government gives, the government takes, blessed be the name of the government.”  Thats idolatry.


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