Resting in God

The eternal God is your resting place and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

This could be the most comforting verse ever, yet who believes it?  So many of us have trouble believing it because we look at ourselves instead of God.  We know ourselves, and frankly, we know how unlovable we are.  We have seen ourselves every time we are at our worst–no one else has done that-except God.  We wonder how God could possibly love us that much when we don’t love ourselves very much,nor believe we are loveable.  We have also had people who were supposed to care for us let us down.  When we were growing up we may have had parents or other adults make promises they didn’t keep.  Even the most beloved and trusted parent sometimes let us down–because, face it, they were human and humans fail.  So how can we trust in God to care for us when we don’t trust others nor value ourselves.  We must simply stop looking at ourselves and others first.  If we look at God first, we see something different.  God loves, not for our value, nor for what we can do for him.  God loves because He IS love.  Our efforts cannot make him love us more, nor can our failures cause Him to love us less.  He loves because that is His nature and His  character.  In addition, unlike humans, God never makes promises He can’t keep.  He can do everything~  So when we put God first, above ourselves or other humans, we see a God who cares, who never makes mistakes and who is all powerful. ” Seriously, can you imagine saying to God–I know all about you, but you know I still never really trusted you?”   Its a horrible thing to say, yet it is strangely the truth.  Why don’t we trust God?  We know He is different from us, and different from the powerful others who let us down, yet we act as if he’s as unreliable as we and those we know.  Its as if we are listening to full time slander of God–and maybe that is exactly what is happening.  The evil one is whispering slander against God.  He’s done it before.  Trusting God at this point becomes an act of the will.  We know enough to know intellectually that God is trustworthy.  We need to go ahead and act on that trust.  It pleases God when we do, the same way it pleases us when those we love trust us.


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