Reflections upon a Twisting Creek

While hiking on a rather warm day, I came across a small creek.  I was in the foothills, it was August, and it had been a rather dry summer.  Seeing the water gurgling along, I couldn’t help but remember the words “streams of water in a dry and thirsty land.”  And I prayed “Lord make me a stream of water for someone who is dry and thirsty.”  I thought about that awhile, and remembered we don’t want people looking to us to relieve their thirst, we want them to look to the Lord.  And I thought some more:  “Lord, help me lead people to You, my Source.”  And I continued thinking.  How can I help someone find the Source unless I am close to Him myself.  “Lord, help me stay close to you, so I can be a lively, refreshing stream that reveals my Source.”  Finally, I noticed further down the stream there was a pool of water off to the side that had become stagnant.  Streams have to keep moving, and the more obstruction, the more turbulence, and the fresher they remain.  “Lord, thank you for the turbulent places in my life that keep me fresh–even if I’d prefer to be a peaceful pool.”     Lord, you promised that “Streams of living water shall proceed from from the inmost being of whomever believes in me.”  John 7:38  I believe in You.  Help me stay close to you and be that water bearer to those who thirst for You.

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